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Ways to Boost Women’s Health

Majority of women currently a very keen about their well being. A good number of them have tried out many ways to help them keep fit and in good health. This is because the current conditions surrounding women are so severe. Such conditions may not only adversely affect their day to day activities but also may greatly affect their reproductive life. Due to the numerous sources of information on women health it may be difficult to identify the genuine ones. The tips below are very handy when it comes to ways women can use to boost their health.

Consuming healthy diets is crucial for women health. These may include fresh and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables as opposed to consuming lots of processed foods. The natural fresh foods are usually high in complex carbohydrates and very dense in important nutrients and antioxidants for the body.Consuming foods rich in complex carbohydrates, high fiber and antioxidants not only helps to control weight in women but also favors their immune system. Calcium In women is required during pregnancy to help in the born formation of the fetus and if not adequate it may lead to poor birth outcome of the baby and the health of the mother afterward.

Exercise plays a critical role in women health. Physical exercise will help in breaking down excessive fat stores in the body and helps the heart to function properly. Workouts reduce the risks of developing heart problems. Women should choose work out that best suits them. Exercises should be timed for better monitoring and evaluation thus ensuring the best outcome. Some studies recommend that about thirty minutes on a daily basis is quite sufficient however, there is no harm in doing more.

Something else any woman should be on the lookout is lifestyle and unhealthy habits. cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse are examples of such habits.The nicotine and tar in the cigarette has been associated with incidences of lung cancer and also negatively affected pregnancy outcomes ..Excessive use of alcohol also affects pregnancy outcome negatively as well it may lead to liver disease in women. Women who drink should not take more than the recommended limits which is normally one drink a day.

Stress management plays a critical role in women’s health. Women have many responsibilities in the society which exerts considerable pressure on them. When such pressure is ignored may trigger the body to produce stress hormones which in turn affects the normal physiology of the body. High blood pressure and other serious health conditions may develop as a result of untamed stress. women may even loose sex drive due to stress. Taking some time to relax, exercise or even meditating can be a nice way of putting stress at bay.

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